Velvet Music




UX Design, Visual Design

4.2020 - 6.2020

Velvet Music, De Haagse Hogeschool

Velvet Music is a record store chain with branches all over the Netherlands. There is a homely atmosphere in the shops; so you can drink a delicious cup of coffee and the employees help you find the perfect record or CD. Velvet wants to extend this atmosphere to the website and thus make the physical experience the online experience as well.

The problem is that the current website does not meet this requirement, so a redesign is needed that can convey this feeling. A point of attention is that a specific target group is chosen for this assignment.

The target group of punks was chosen from four individual mood boards. The redesign is therefore in line with these music lovers. First, research was done into this target group and then characteristic elements were incorporated into the redesign. The pages that have been realized are a homepage and a product page.

During the project I was responsible for a piece with the ‘top ten punk albums’ and for the reporting of the work made. Due to an error in the system, I was unable to work on the screens as much as I would have liked.