Looye Kwekers




Visual Design, Visual Identity

2.2020 - 4.2020

Looye Kwekers, De Haagse Hogeschool

Looye Kwekers reached out to the Haagse Hogeschool with a project to promote some of their products. 

Looye is a tomato company in the west of The Netherlands. It has two main goals; getting more recognition among young adults form 14 to 25 and they strive to become the most loved and famous tomato grower in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

Together with Kim van der Waart, Rosan Muller and Roos Smeets, I created a campaign for multiple platforms in the hopes of reaching Looyes goal. 

My responsibility was designing multiple Instagram post slides for a giveaway and the layout of the booklet where al the information was displayed regarding the promotion.