Graduation Project




UX Design, Visual Design

4.2022 - 11.2022

Arboplaats, De Haagse Hogeschool

For my graduation project I followed an Internship at Arboplaats BV in Gouda. 

Arboplaats is a health and safety service provider in The Netherlands that focuses on topics such as sustainable employability, optimal performances, positive psychology and safety within various organizations. They’ve developed their own software where their clients can find a lot of documentation regarding safety measures and they can also make risk analyses to provide their staff  the resources they need for a safe work environment.

The project I worked on was a redesign for the new dashboard. I interviewed several clients about their desires and expectations for the software, because we wanted to create a design that is intuitive and easy to use. 

The end result was at first a hi-fi prototype of a dashboard that felt more recognisable as a dashboard than the previous one and also included the wishes and expectations of the users/clients.

After my internship ended, Arboplaats made the decision to launch the dashboard an the other pages I made in real-time, allowing users to actively engage with its features.